Would You Rather (A GDPR comment)

My daughter loved to play a game called “Would you rather”. Like would you rather live in the forest or on a beach? A truly hard questions.. But it would have to be beach. Or would you rather be a wizard or a superhero? Dr. Strange all the way on this one.

Which leads me to a more modern question. Would you rather be bombarded by hundreds of emails notifying you that some privacy term has changed or just have it changed and not be notified? I can’t help but think of the question if a tree fell in the forest. I think I’d rather not know it fell.

These emails would be acceptable if they provided a one click option allowing me to either approve my information being stored or one that allowed be to be forgotten and my information on that site deleted. Of course the marketing people cringe at the latter and the IT people have been agonizing over implementation of both.

And now the USA is starting to review GDPR. Will it create one similar or one different enough as so cause the tsunami of emails to run amok all over again. I will wait with patience hoping that by that time I have cleared my email of all the current changes in privacy terms.


When sitting next to someone on an airplane, there are 2 choices, put the headphones on and get through the ride, or look them straight in the eye and say, “hello my name is Mark.” Well you may say your name is your own or maybe you are Mark for this flight.

Then the inevitable question comes up, “What do you do?” Continue reading Reflections

Dont Mess with My Wi-Fi!

I’ve been busy lately writing about Wi-Fi. An article for Hospitality Upgrade to be published in a month or so and also a Wi-Fi security brief to educate front line workers on how to advise guests on accessing Wi-Fi and security issues. (Not to mention an IT assessment for a Indian Casino which included Wi-Fi)

The article started with an incident at a Marriott hotel where the employees blocked personal Mi-Fi internet hotspots from operating. Since the airspace Wi-Fi operates in is a public airspace, this is a big deal. You can’t interfere with the publics use of public airspace. Well, Continue reading Dont Mess with My Wi-Fi!

One of those days – Email gone Awry

Today was definitely one of them. When playing with a Bulk Mail merge tool for a subset of my contacts, the tool went awry and started emailing my entire address book! They all received the great email message of Test, Test Test. The program took over my computer and after about 4000 emails, I was able to kill outlook from memory.

So while I doubt I will ever live this one down, there is a bright side. Continue reading One of those days – Email gone Awry

Recognize the music – Guest Service

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”
– Friedrich Nietzsche.

This quote by Nietzshe has always stuck in my head. No so much for the statement itself, but for what it can be expanded to. We all dance to our own music. Some call it the beat of our own drum. To some, our dance looks chaotic. To others, it looks rhythmic and intoxicating. What more interests me, are those people that can recognize other peoples music and sync with them in their own rhythm and beat. These are the truly talented hospitality folks I occasionally work with. Continue reading Recognize the music – Guest Service

Secret Menus – Would they work in all hospitality?

Growing up in Southern California I became addicted to In-N-Out burger. Though I never worked there, several of my friends in high school and college did. It was through their conversations I first learned of the “Secret Menu” items and become addicted to animal style Double Double burgers. To this day, They are still my favorite, still not published on the menu board but no longer really a secret. Continue reading Secret Menus – Would they work in all hospitality?

Getting staff to use applications – Manufacturing Desire

In a recent discussion with a hotel executive, we talked about how to get front line staff to use the applications better and to their fullest extent. At the time, I didn’t have a rock solid suggestion especially given the international staff that they managed.

I then had a totally different conversation talking about gaining and keeping users coming back to play a mobile game application. Turns out, the answer to both is similar.

Their application discussion was around a subject of “how to manufacture desire” which is a term used to describe “How do we get users to learn and want to use our application to where it becomes a habit”. A good article on it is on TechCrunch here. http://techcrunch.com/2012/03/04/how-to-manufacture-desire/

Continue reading Getting staff to use applications – Manufacturing Desire

Google NEST and the case for Multi-Modal communications

Recently the NEST group in Google, (Google bought NEST in January for over $3 billion) advised customers to disable the devices ability “for user’s to wave their hand to turn off a faulty smoke alarm.” My first reaction is that it’s a great convenience but with all the failsafes in other applications stating “Do you really want to do this, press yes to continue” a simple wave of the hand may be too much non-failsafe power to grant an un-authenticated user. A 5-year-old has no business waving at the smoke alarm and turning it off. Continue reading Google NEST and the case for Multi-Modal communications

Starbucks Application and Web Referals

Seamless Native App to Web Site integration needed!

Have you downloaded the latest IOS Starbucks Application? In many ways it feels cleaner with the tile format and more items and information added. The ability to subsidize the pay of the employees (i.e. Tipping) is an interesting add as well.

When reading through the screens of information like the benefits of my Gold Card, the attainment of drinking way too many coffee drinks and having way to many on the run lunches here, I notice several references to the Starbucks web site for more information. First impression is Im in a Starbucks App connected to the internet. Can’t you just show me that page rather than list it’s URL for me to go to? Continue reading Starbucks Application and Web Referals

Theory of, and the Internet of EVERYTHING!

Physics has a pursuit of the Theory of Everything. It’s goal is to provide a single framework that connects the physical universe. It gets into some pretty heavy stuff that we all have heard of like Einstein’s General Relativity and the hot topic of Quantum Mechanics.

The idea that there is a single mathematical equation to explain the universe brings me back to meaning of the universe defined in Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. 42 may be the answer but the answer is beyond most of us to understand. Continue reading Theory of, and the Internet of EVERYTHING!

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