CES 2011 takeaways

Overload of stuff. All good stuff though. But what were my impressions about technology and products.

Television bezels are getting thinner and thinner with almost all picture and no frame.

3D without glasses is getting better but not quite here.

There are enough tablets being shown that they may move beyond tech enthusiasts to everyday users.

My phone can do everything I want including make a phone call IF i happen to be within a good coverage area.

Technology acceptance and use is at an all time high and rapidly increasing. This is one industry that is not having a recession.

Microsoft takes 30 days to process digital order?

I recently renewed my Microsoft Action Pack. This is a benefit that Microsoft provides to it’s partners allowing then to use, demonstrate and close sales on Microsoft technologies to increase productivity at customers business’s. I went online, completed the information and paid with a credit card. Very smooth, or so I thought…

I needed to download something over the weekend to show and got the message that I didn’t have access. I checked my credit card statement and indeed, the charge had gone through. Thinking it was just a system error, I emailed to inquire but didn’t quite know what to think of the response

Thank you for your inquire however, the Partner Network states that the order could take up to 30 business days to process… WHAT? 30 days to process an all electronic order for a digital download. I ordered a product from a neighbor of¬†Microsoft’s, Amazon.com, on a Saturday and had my product delivered to my doorstep on Monday. ¬†And Microsoft can take up to 30 days for a digital download? Maybe the folks in Redmond need to take a field trip down the road to see how internet commerce should really work.