Over the past many years I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in many different projects and technology transitions. Listed below are several projects or technology transitions I’ve worked on or through.

Networking: Starting with base-band Ethernet, Omninet, and Arcnet through my latest implementations of fiber optic Ethernet on casino floors and campuses.

Databases: starting with dBase II in the 80s through using SQL and Hadoop architectures today. As a journalist and online technical editor for Database forums on the online services The Source and GEnie, I worked in this industry for several years.

Protocols: Starting with IP with side trips with IPX, AppleTalk, BNS and several others. With a round trip back to IP as the basis for all. I spent several years doing protocol analysis for diagnostic and performance improvement.

Voice, Video, Data: I started as a partner of Selsius, the first Ethernet telephone manufacturer. I still have my first 2 phones I used for demos. This grew into a solid VoIP practice that I became known for over several years. It culminated into a highlight when I led the design of Hotel 1000, one of the first fully converged hotels in the world. Convergence has become a driving factor in most everything I do today.

Building Systems: While working with Cisco on convergence, I got involved with their Workplace Resources group and started converging building systems onto the network for greater control and monitoring. Intelligent or Smart buildings become a big part of one of my companies.

Hospitality Systems: While converging voice video and data at hotels, we started driving everything to the network to be monitored and managed. A prime example of this become Battery Wharf Boston which won an award for building systems convergence.

Casino Systems: While working with hotels, I become involved with hotel/casinos and started driving my own form of convergence. The industry was moving towards server based gaming which converged casino traffic onto the network. It was a perfect fit to everything else we were doing.

Specific Projects I have worked on are listed on the about page.

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