Intenet Applications

Why is the Internet useful?

Why is the Internet useful? This question has been asked of me a few different ways recently by people who have never accessed the Internet directly and do not own smartphones capable of accessing the Internet. The individuals asking these questions still get their news from evening TV or the morning paper. They get their notices from companies via the postal service. And they communicate to loved ones via a wired phone in their home or a basic mobile phone which is not used for Text or Voice Mail. These are some smart people that have chosen this lifestyle and have not seen a reason to change.

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White House

White House Digital Asset Framework

Sept 16, 2022, The USA White House released its position and recommendations including guidance on how Digital Assets should be addressed. As with any guidance, there are pros, cons, and debate. Here is a link and a few comments on the release.

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Music NFT

Music NFTs

We all know about how bored the apes are… Music NFTsNFT Non-Fungible Token or "NFT" is digital certificates showing ownership of an asset. It is embedded in a blockchain as a token. The asset can be digital or the NFT can point to a real-world, tangible item. are here to sooth the savage beast. Give a listen!

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Digital Privacy

Digital Privacy and Debate

Privacy is topic current and as relevant as it was over 250 years ago. Digital Privacy adds more complication to the debate. And even debating has had its issues. An article reviewing our basis for privacy and focusing attention on moving forward.

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Cybersecurity Information Sharing

Cybersecurity is meant to be a team sport. Only as a team sharing plays and information on the opposition can we all succeed. Explore industry notifications and resource sharing groups.

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