Web3 – What and Why

Web3 is the next phase of the Internet focused on standardizing data exchange and putting ownership, management, and control of the data with the users of the Internet. Click to read and explore more about Web3 .

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Ideas to Reality

Business Building Resources

Life’s a dance you learn as you go Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow… John Michael Montgomery I’ve worked with many businesses over the years. And I’ve read countless books on business management and startups. Based on both experience and

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Wordcloud Casinos dollar sign

USA Casino Info posted

I’ve been involved in both the land-based and online gaming business for about 20 years. Being a gambler and enjoying working in the hospitality business, I’ve never considered it work. The people I’ve met and worked with around the world

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IoT picture from www.freepik.com

Data Driven Results: IoT and Smart Everything

There is more information monitoring and data generation produced by “things” today than ever before. The data is being analyzed and used productively by businesses & governments and homes & cities. The use cases for energy conservation, public safety, transportation,

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White House USA

White House Digital Asset Executive Order

The White House delivered its executive order outlining the approach to digital currencies today. Not much detail and not much that wasn’t expected though it is worthy of review. FACT SHEET: President Biden to Sign Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible

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Crypto ads were not so cryptic

Sunday’s Superbowl introduced the world to several crypto-currency exchanges. Coinbase, eToro, FTX, and crypto.com. Add in the NFTsNFT Non-Fungible Token or “NFTNFT Non-Fungible Token or "NFT" is digital certificates showing ownership of an asset. It is embedded in a blockchain as a token. The asset can be digital or the NFT can point to a real-world, tangible item.” is digital certificates showing ownership of an asset. It is embedded in a blockchain as a token. The

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