Coin-Ops to Casinos: Where Americans Gamble

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Real Stakes: Understanding US Money-Based Gaming [DRAFT #2]
For generations, Americans have held a love affair with games of chance and skill. From the early days of coin-operated arcade machines to the sprawling casinos of Las Vegas, gambling has woven itself into the fabric of American society. But beyond the arcade flashing lights and slot machine jingles lies a complex reality – the world of money-based gaming.

Decoding AI Governance: Insights from Personal Experimentation to Policy Making

Dive into the intricate world of AI regulation and its new technologies. This article explores the balancing act between innovation and control, unraveling the complex challenges in formulating effective AI policies. From personal AI development experiences to analyzing government strategies, it offers a unique perspective on AI’s impact on society and the necessity of ethical governance. The future of AI regulation and its implications in our rapidly advancing digital era are explored.

Mr. Chew goes to Washington; the battle for TikToks existence

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TikTok, the short-form video app, has become a major target of scrutiny for US politicians and regulators due to its Chinese ownership and concerns about data privacy and national security. While TikTok has attempted to address these concerns by working with US agencies and implementing new data controls, many lawmakers remain skeptical that a Chinese-owned app can operate independently of government influence. At the same time, there are broader concerns about the role of social media companies in society, particularly with respect to balancing their pursuit of profit with the well-being of their users. As the US government considers potential regulatory actions, it remains unclear how best to address these complex issues.