Happy 2023 Holidays to all!

As I wind down the year, there are still a few articles that I have in the works. They cover Gambling in America, AI Regulation, Supporting Microservices in Software Engineering (SRE), and a specific industry strategy development case that is still developing. Each of these spawned by some interest I took or conversation I had. While my output may be varied, they all are a works of interest.

I still want to publish my latest reading list from 2024. The book I gave the most this end of year was “The Coming Wave” by Mustafa Suleyman and there were several others that I would highly recommend. The Coming Wave provokes multiple thoughts as we experience AI affecting every market in transition.

I’ve looked at the statistics on this site over the past year and somewhat a surprise is that over 1000 unique visitors have reviewed my casino lists. I’ve received emails from marketing people taking advantage of a free list of their customers, a few analysts looking at the spread of betting in America, and multiple students studying gaming. When I put the list together, I had a few hundred hours into it. And seeing the interest, I have recently started putting more hours into it updating the casino information and expanding into Online Sports betting. Given my background in interactive online gambling, I have a few unique attributes I may add to the lists. Watch for incremental updates with a complete relaunch into 2024.

As 2024 begins, I am looking at new challenges and areas of contribution. Your feedback and comments are always appreciated via email or connect with me on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mmunger

Wishing all of you a happy and prosperous new year!


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