Mark W Munger is an experienced executive and consultant with experience founding and leading multiple technology organizations. His expertise and projects include technology, smart buildings, IoT, clean energy, fintech, hospitality, gaming, construction, retail, government, regulatory, and healthcare.

Mark provides consulting services, advises start-ups, and writes for industry publications. Most recently he has been doing longer term engagements as CIO and director positions. And occasionally updating his own blog though it takes back seat to customer work.

Mark possesses a diverse mix of leadership, technical knowledge, innovative curiosity, and operations background that has already led to a multiple successful careers.

He is a firm believer in structured goal setting using OKRs and also starting with Why. Favorite authors include Jim Collins, Simon Sinek, John Doerr, and Ray Dalio. The mentorship of these authors has formed many of Marks views on company management and culture.

Over the past 30+ years Mark has assisted companies in growth and transition in a variety of technical and business areas. With an entrepreneurial spirit that drives his success, he seeks out opportunities to help unique businesses succeed. The diversity of his business and technology experience creates connections beyond single industries. A self-learner, he has studied and applied various business models while founding, operating, and/or selling these companies over the years.


His practical experience developed through several technology transitions and industry waves.  As a leader in the forefront of these trends, he gained knowledge first-hand and became accomplished in a multitude of arenas including:

  • Transition from centralized to distributed computing (1980s)
    • Starting early as a founding staff member of the first microcomputer database magazine, he gained exceptional knowledge of microcomputer databases learning to make them relevant and expandable into business environments. (1982)
    • An early networking engineer working with DEC and Novell products, he connected people and information through Local Area Networks (LAN) for enhanced communication and access to data. (1983)
    • Gaining experience as a consultant, educator, and speaker, he developed a deep understanding of networked server architecture working with HP Labs in the introduction of the first network specific servers. He traveled the world teaching dealers and customers about new technology. (1990)
    • As part of the HP/Novell relationships, he developed and taught fault tolerance design at trade shows and conferences. (1991)
  • Transition from analog circuit based to digital VOIP communications
    • At the forefront of the VoIP transition, Mark sought out and became a dealer for Selsius Systems in 1998. Selsius created the first Ethernet and VoIP telephone. Selsius was acquired by Cisco and Mark continued to help create a market to integrate commercial VOIP phone systems in businesses working with Cisco and Cisco partners.
  • Transition from multiple technologies into one converged network
    • The technical architect for one of the first fully converged hotels, Hotel 1000 Seattle, Mark designed a system uniting all technologies into one single backbone and network.
    • Working with Cisco Workplace Resources and commercial real estate building system vendors, Mark developed and taught integration of building systems. As the technical architect and project manager for Battery Wharf Boston, Battery Wharf won an industry award for its use of building systems integration. (2008)
  • Transitioned from physical to virtual server computing
    • Working with Cisco UCS and VMWare virtualization, Mark and is partners virtualized over 100 servers serving several hotel and casinos in Las Vegas. (2009)
  • Transitioned military grade security technologies into residential protection.
    • Mark transitioned his integration innovations into Physical security in 2012 by integrating traditionally non-networked security devices into a user friendly interface. These included legacy alarm systems, facial & behavioral recognition and nano particle vapors. (2012+)
  • Helped implement new gaming regulations for Bahamas (2015)
    • Mark led the technical certification, education, and enforcement for new laws in interactive online gaming in Bahamas.
  • Mark co-designed the technology for starting a new TV/Radio station in Bahamas including live streaming over the Internet.
  • Developed systems for the first live lotto draw in Bahamas (2016)
  • Assisted in the acquisition and reverse merger of a gaming company into a public stock exchange where he become a Board member and audit committee member in 2018
  • 2019, 2020 – Assisted multiple businesses in recovery from malware & ransomware setting up security frameworks to help protect them from from future incidents.
  • 2021 – CIO position with a tribal government managing technology for multiple tribal assets and businesses.
  • 2022 – Consulting with startups and established companies on funding, budgeting, market development, and strategy.

Mark as also worked with and advised several startups on legal formation, creating accounting systems, completing the proper government filings & registrations, attracting talent, contracting developers, and many other aspects of starting a business.

Mark has participated in the introduction of many networking systems, communications products and technologies. He possesses an ability to see, understand, and clearly communicate complex technologies to both technical and non-technical audiences.

Mark’s entrepreneurial spirit thrives on learning and adapting to a rapidly changing environment. This ability has led him to helping others adjust and succeed through education and training.  Mark has applied this ability to consulting in a multitude of industries including hospitality, gaming, security, residential, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, education, public sector, service providers and publishing.

Marks expertise includes:

• Experienced executive in managing and motivating a diverse team of technical, sales, and marketing professionals to strategically achieve initiatives and reach goals
• Collaborative and consultative analytic approach in identifying and solving problems utilizing existing and emerging technology and solutions
• Strong technical and solution driven approach in IT networks and systems, design and implementation
• Ability to critically analyze, document and communicate technical subjects and key ideas effectively to technical and non-technical audiences
• Financial background to create and manage budgets, financial plans and KPIs
• Industry knowledge specific to hospitality, real estate, casino gaming, technology, retail, telecomm and general business systems
• Relationships and experience with multiple manufacturers, industry suppliers, media and press

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