"If you stand for nothing Burr,
what will you fall for?

Values and First Principles

Everyone person, company, and government should have a set of absolute values that are written and shared. These First Principles define who you are and what you believe.

These are my values and First Principles.

I value doing the right thing. And by that I mean what is right for the situation and all parties involved. 

Standing by my word and not hiding the truth working to ensure all the cards are on the table and not hiding them.

You only own what is in your mind and the actions you make with that knowledge. All else can be taken away.

I’ve been curious about the world and how things work my whole life. I still read/listen to on average a book a week, listen to 5+ podcasts a week, and read various items online.

I purposely don’t look up answers on my smartphone most of the time to see if I can remember or figure out the answer which I believe improved my overall ability to learn and reason.

I respect that every individual has value.

The US Constitution provides that every person has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  It believe this for all people though it is possible that people, by their actions, reduce the respect I have for them, I still believe they have rights unless they believe their rights are higher than another’s.

I believe that teamwork is a force multiplier, and when absolutely aligned, is exponential.

A single individual can make a difference. And should strive for this. Teamwork, when everyone is aligned and in pursuit of the same goal, is where the ultimate differences are made. It can be unstoppable.