CES 2011 takeaways

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CES 2011 – Technology acceptance and use is at an all time high and rapidly increasing. This is one industry that is not having a recession.

Smart Interactions

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Smart Phones have become an industry upon themselves. Even I sometimes wonder what I would do if I couldn’t play chess or wordwarp on my iPhone. But do applications really make a phone smart? If there is an APP for … Continued

The future looks cloudy

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I’ve followed cloud computing for a while with great anticipation of it’s potential. Although I still see some issues with security and management, the current range of companies offering services fits many current needs at prices that are cost effective … Continued

Hotel Security

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A part of my consulting practice revolves around technology for large homes and estates. In this, I have designed systems to communicate voice, video and data throughout a large home or multi home complex. Video surveillance has been part of … Continued


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Mobility with the ability to take communications anywhere we go has great potential when enabled by the real estate we travel from, through and to. When a phone call, web collaboration, or video conference can move from desk video to … Continued