2022 – Oct Hospitality Upgrade published article by and highlights future trends in Gaming as seen by Munger

Technology and the Future of Gaming
Cybersecurity Staying Vigilant

2022 – Advising Telehealth and clinical trial startup

2022 – Advising startup on advanced video analytics services for major sports organization

2022 – Started advising startup on Managed Internet & Video services for Multi-Family residences.

2022April – Published list and map of Indian Casinos with pre-covid data. Will update during 2022.

2022-Jan – Created and launched eCommerce site to resale unique hand sanitizer and hospital grade cleaner.

2021-Sept – Attended Hospitality Upgrade CIO summit. (You can’t miss me on cover below – pink shirt on left)

Hospitality Upgrades CIO Summit
Hospitality Upgrades CIO Summit 2021

2021 – Munger helps launch long lasting hand sanitizer company creating marketing material and product positioning.

2020 – Took Interim CIO position for 29 Palms Band of Mission Indians and 2 casinos, Spotlight 29 and Tortoise Rock.

2020 – Munger works with startup founders of Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) on creation of casino analytics company.

2019 – Worked to create lotto online game studio in Malta (QUIK)

2018- Munger elected to the Audit committee of Bragg Gaming Group

2018- Munger joins the Board of Directors of Bragg Gaming Group, a public gaming company listed on the Toronto Exchange (TSX:BRAG)

02-2018 – Munger helps launch online Lotto style casino games at ICE conference for IL Games (now Quik Gaming).

06/2017 – Munger terminates contractor relationship with Full Color Games

02/2017 – Full Color Games exhibits at ICE London conference (2nd Year)

11/2016 – Full Color Games 21 or Nothing receives software certification from BMM

02/2016 – Full Color Games exhibits at ICE London conference

01/2016 – Munger becomes advisor to Playtech Systems (Island Luck) and other Bahamian entities in Casino gaming, FinTech, and TV/Radio.

2015 – Munger consults with Gila River/Arizona casinos

2015 – Munger begins consulting with The Gaming Board for the Bahamas focused on technical education and compliance to regulatory standards.

01/02/15 – Munger becomes advisor for startup educational game SimCEO.

10/01/14 – Article published Gaming the System – Manufacturing Desire

03/2014Tortoise Rock Casino opens near Palm Springs, CA. System design, project management and installation by Mark Munger Consulting

2013 – Munger finished security technology installation including full automation and control onsite and remote. Implemented Cyber security for system and family to protect system access.

2013Ultimate Car Security video by SAFE. Innovative Technologies designed & contributed to by Mark Munger/SAFE CTO

2011-2013 -Took on multi year project opening a 3 floor bar/nightclub/casino, designing and maintaining security and automation for a single large estate, and maintaining various other business assets.

12/2011 – Full Color Games, inc started work on games based on new and developing gaming system. Munger becomes an investor and advisor.

06/28/2010Thunder Valley Casino Resort’s hotel, spa, pool, bars and expanded casino opens near Sacramento. Network & communications designed/installed and network support by Mark Munger Consulting

2009-2012 – Munger and Associates / Mark Munger Consulting provides multi-year Network and Phone systems support for Station Casinos Properties, Las Vegas. Designed, implemented, and supported multi-property communications systems and call center.

12/2009Spotlight 29 Casino Spotlight 29 Casino Expansion. Network design and support.

10/20/08Aliante Casino Resort Opens November 11, 2008. Full Networked Casino floor and voice/data network.

06/10/08Future Proof: Hotel 1000 Takes Tech to New Levels Hospitality Tech Magazine write up on Hotel 1000. Still ranked third in the world on Expedia’s 2008 “Insiders’ Select” list

05/22/08Fairmont Battery Wharf and Battery Wharf Luxury Community WINS BUILDY Award. Customer site recognized for building integration and connectivity innovation (IoT).

2008 – Munger designs and installed technology for Jay Leno Garage

Jay Leno Garage Install (2008)
Munger & Team install technology at Jay Leno Garage (Burbank)

05/05/08Hotels Get Phone Savvy Article from HT Technology

09/2007Liberty Hotel Boston opens on former Charles Street Jail site using some of existing structure. In-room technology enhanced by network and communications designed by Valcros / Mark Munger.

03/14/07 – Hospitality Upgrade Article – Do You VoIP?

11/07/2006Intercontinental Boston opened. Valcros / Mark Munger provided network and communications design and infrastructure.

10/31/06Hotel 1000 Uses VOIP to Pamper Guests

10/31/06Cisco Systems : Hotel 1000 Elevates Guest Experience to New Heights With Cisco Unified Communications

09/2006 – Munger speaks on behalf of Cisco at Hospitality Upgrades CIO conference. CIO’s from top hotel and resort companies hear about new and next generation technology at Amelia Island Plantation in Jacksonville, FL.

05/09/06 – Featured Article: Valcros provides voice, video and data for high tech hotel

04/25/06Valcros, Inc. Leads the High Tech Technology Revolution for Real Estate and Hospitality

Mark Munger of Valcros to design and implement converged solution for high-end, multi-unit dwellings in Vail, Colorado.

03/06/06 – One Willow Bridge Road Sets New Standards In Technology-Enhanced Services Next Generation Technology Creates Unparalleled Owner Experience

07/01/05Wired for Sound: July 2005 Overview mention of Cave B Cave B Inn at Sagecliffe

2002 – Munger works with Cisco on creating hospitality and smart building demos and presentations.

2002 – Munger leads Pearl Technologies to be one of Sm@rt Reseller Magazines top 100 Sm@rt Resellers for the year for innovative IP Telephony solutions.

01/1998 – Munger signs reseller distribution agreement with Selsius Systems to sell and integrate their VoIP phones and CallManager software. The first VoIP phone system. (Acquired by Cisco)

1992-96 – BMC Group Munger and Beets travel USA and abroad for HP, Novell, and Microsoft designing labs around new technology and products and teaching them at tradeshows and conferences.

Munger teaching at Novell
’94 Munger (left) teaching SFT Level III redundant server technology

1992 – BMC Group ( Ron Beets, Mark Munger) writes networking section for Microsoft Windows 3.1 resource guide

1990 – Munger forms Certified NetWare Engineer Professional Association (CNEPA) chapter in San Diego becoming one of the 1st 3 CNEPA chapters. Munger taught and spoke at local chapters.

1989 – Munger speaks and participates in panel at NetWorld Boston. One of panel members, Mark Cuban, from his company Micro Solutions, goes on to become household name. If I only would have known the future… I did manage to win a charity poker tournament and use Todd Wagners court-side seats several years later.

1989 – Munger co-authors book on Networking with Novell NetWare published through Windcrest Books division of Mcgraw Hill.

Munger Book Networking
Munger Book Network with Novell NetWare 1989

1986 – Munger partners with fellow Data Based Advisor writer and joins Vortex Data Systems. Develops education center becoming one of the first Novell Authorized Education Centers (NAEC). Mark achieves Certified Novell Instructor (CNI) status in the 1st group of CNI’s and is the resident instructor at Vortex.

05/1985 – Munger joins staff of Data Based advisor full time as technical resource and contributing writer.

1984 – Munger creates the online Database forums on Compuserve, The Source, and GEnie services with fellow Data Based Advisor staff member Alan

Data Based Advisor Magazine 1983
Data Based Advisor Magazine 1983 Cover

07/1983 – Munger publishes first article on dBase II programming in Data Based advisor magazine. (San Diego, CA)