Munger teaching at Novell
'94 Munger (left) teaching SFT Level III redundant server technology

I’ve been involved in several industries and have acquired a variety of technical skills and experience. Some are current and I still refresh them with use either in my personal projects or with consulting customers that call with one-off requests to assist. I’ll keep a current list here available for anyone curious.

I use these for my own website and assisting others. Coming from a time when we created logic and flow diagrams before writing a single line of code, sometimes I believe I have a better approach than the open editor write code approach I see many programmers do today. I started writing assembly, Pascal, and Fortran. Then as a journalist wrote reviews of many products on the market in the late ’80s. Today, I’m not a coder other than excel macros and some visual basic. Though I can still read and understand most source code I’m given to review.

Early in my career, I taught network packet analysis and still know how to decode and analyze packets. As the building blocks of network communications, it has given me a unique understanding of hot network equipment receives, processes, and sends network information.

Leveraging my network engineering knowledge, I’ve configured thousands of network devices in my life for properties I’ve been involved with. I’m experienced with most Cisco command line and GUI interfaces. I’ve worked on many others and tend to know what I want to do and spend the time figuring out how to configure it through the interface.

I’ve configured wireless including WiFi for public venues and high security internal. I’ve configured other wireless technologies such as cell towers and implemented large DAS infrastructure. I’ve worked with a variety of building management wireless including Zwave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and EnOcean.

I’ve created systems in and worked with AWS the most including EC2, S3, and several other products. Azure would be 2nd though I’ve mainly managed systems other people have created and the same to a lesser extent with Google’s offering.

I’m familiar with Microsoft SQL Studio and general SQL commands in MS and other SQL environments. I can query and get information out of tables. I’m not likely to be proficient at scripting though I have done some.

3.8 Million per minute! That is how many searches are done on Google. Data is growing bigger and bigger and yet we are still searching for information. I’ve helped create data via a Monte Carlo algorithm and also done pattern, cluster, and regression analysis. I’m familiar with enough to know the truth is out there and have been good enough to find it on many occasions.

Having served in roles as a Developer, Operator, and Regulator, I possess a broad and seasoned background in the intricacies of casino gaming and highly regulated businesses.

I’m an Agile convert. I used Agile methods for a while as part of waterfall projects. Though after reading Jeff Sutherlands’ book “The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time”, I reversed my process. I have now used Agile methods in my OKR processes and in many parts of my work and life. I still believe Waterfall as an overlay value. It is just second to and used as part of an over agile methodology.

This has always been a strong part of my skill set. Condensing highly technical subjects into understandable pieces that can be learned and remembered even by non-technical audiences. Using music lyrics, notable quotes, and anecdotes along with comedy where I can reinforce learning. I also keep a copy of Strunk and White Elements of Style in print and on my computer for reference.