The Cosmic Character Cafe

[My first attempt at educational fiction, let me know your thoughts…]

Chapter 1 – Enrico and Dolly

Not far from Earth, in a land called Entropia, there lived personifications of physical nature and human invention. Most personifications were lively individuals with histories dating back to a big bang. While others were relatively new to Entropia having been created in the past few hundred years. Today we look down upon the Cosmic Café. A popular gathering place for all the characters of Entropia. Let’s check out one of the tables and the conversation between Enrico and Dolly.

Enrico, the personification of the first law of thermodynamics, and Dolly, the embodiment of the US Dollar, were two popular beings of Entropia. They were quite good friends though an odd pair from their ages to their outlooks on the world. Their wide-ranging conversations included frequent topics about the universe at large and Earth with its odd ways.

Enrico had been around since the dawn of time. He loved his mathematical equations and always sought balance and equality. Enrico was a steward of many atomic and galactic principles with energy being one of his favorites. In the great cosmic ballet, he had observed energy transforming from one form to another in a beautiful dance. He could prove it existed, yet he had never seen it created or destroyed. Energy was part of his fabric of life. His life’s purpose was to ensure that energy was conserved, that its eternal dance continued, and that balance was maintained.

Dolly, on the other hand, was a relatively new entity in the grand scheme of things. She was thought to be born around 1800 though no one took note of her much until around 1913 when the US Federal Reserve Act was passed. It wasn’t until the Galactic Gathering of 1943 that she shined having just returned from something Enrico heard called Bretton Woods. He never knew a camping trip could change someone so much.

Dolly’s life’s work was to regulate the US Dollar and to ensure that it flowed through the economy, enabling trade and growth. Her dual mandates of price stability and maximum employment regulated the normal volatility of business cycles. The scale she was charged with was to keep maximum employment balanced with stable prices and moderate long-term interest rates. In this pursuit, Dolly has witnessed the power of her creation, as well as its capacity for destruction.

On this day, Enrico and Dolly sat down for their weekly chat at the Cosmic Character Café, or the triple C as locals call it. As they sipped their celestial cappuccinos, they began to discuss the fascinating differences between their respective domains.

Enrico started by recounting the Big Bang, the cosmic event that set the universe in motion. “You see, Dolly,” he said, “the universe is a closed system, and within it, energy can only change forms. It cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed.”

He went on to describe the captivating dance of energy throughout the cosmos, a waltz of particles and waves that know no bounds.

“Imagine, Dolly, a splendid ballroom filled with stars, where each celestial body is a brilliant dancer. Stars twirl and spin, radiating energy in the form of light and heat, which is derived from nuclear fusion happening in their cores. With age and their nuclear fuel exhausted, they may explode into fabulous supernovae, releasing vast amounts of energy into the universe, transforming their gravitational potential energy into radiant energy.”

With a twinkle in his eye, Enrico continued, “Energy doesn’t stop there, my dear. It travels across the cosmos, colliding with planets and other celestial bodies, bringing forth new forms of energy. In Earth’s case, sunlight transforms into chemical energy through the magical process of photosynthesis, granting life to plants and, in turn, fueling the circle of life.”

“And let’s not forget about our human friends,” Enrico chuckled. “Their boundless curiosity led them to discover my other sources of energy, like harnessing the mighty power of waterfalls, taming the winds, and even splitting the atom itself. The possibilities are endless, as long as energy keeps flowing.”

“But what makes all of this possible, Dolly, are the mathematical equations that govern the universe. These elegant formulas, hidden beneath the surface of reality, dictate how energy is exchanged, stored, and transformed in countless ways,” Enrico said, his eyes gleaming with the passion for the very foundation of his existence.

Enrico’s whimsical explanation painted a vivid picture of the intricate dance of energy, leaving Dolly enchanted and eager to learn more. These conversations with Enrico were a delightful journey into the wonders of the universe.

Dolly paused gazing upwards and pondering the implications of Enrico’s words. Glancing down, she replied, “Well, my dear Enrico, that may be true for energy, but the US Dollar is a different story altogether. It is not bound by such constraints. These greenbacks are produced every weekday by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington DC and Fort Worth, TX. The weird quandary though is they print it but never get to spend it. That is the job of the Federal Reserve.

Enrico chuckled. “Ah, Dolly, the realm of economics is indeed strange and mysterious. But tell me, how do you reconcile the ethereal nature of the US Dollar with the physical cash that circulates in the economy?”

Dolly smiled, a twinkle in her eye. “Ah, now that is a fascinating tale. You see, the physical dollars in circulation are but a small fraction of the total money supply. Most of money exists only as numbers on a screen, as ethereal and without limit as the stardust in the cosmos. But these numbers hold great power, for they can influence the lives of billions of people.”

Enrico shook his head in wonder. “Incredible! And to think that energy, the very essence of the universe, is subject to such strict rules, while your US Dollar is free to create and destroy at will. It boggles the mind!”

Dolly laughed. “Yes, it is quite the paradox. But there is a certain balance and control to it all. While there may not be constraints physically, there are governors that use their experience and human instincts to preserve the economy. These Federal Reserve representatives must carefully manage the creation and destruction of money, lest it unleashes forces beyond anyone’s control. Inflation, deflation, and economic collapse can all result from an imbalance in the delicate dance of dollars.”

Dolly continued “Enrico, did you ever see the movie singing in the rain?” Enrico replied, “Of course Dolly, who could forget the magical scene of Gene Kelly dancing with the umbrella.” To which Dolly expanded “That certainly was a nice rain to be dancing in. Though what if unknown to Gene, a hurricane hit the lot that day, would his dancing have been the same?”

Enrico chuckled with a light-hearted reply “Dolly, I don’t think the MGM sound stage was set up for hurricanes though I get your point. Sometimes the most beautiful dance can be interrupted by outside factors. We see it in our stars as they twirl and spin whimsically until once in a while a black hole appears sucking them in never to be seen again.”

“Yes, Enrico”, Dolly said, “well your energy has a mathematical certainty, my dollars are props to be exchanged for value as humans do their own economic dance. And sometimes it’s in hurricanes of their own making. My dollars, and the value they represent, are but props to dance with. Like that umbrella. What’s important is that the dance endures.”

As the conversation continued, Enrico and Dolly began to explore the more comical aspects of their respective realms. Enrico shared the curious case of the “perpetual motion machine,” a contraption designed to run indefinitely without an external energy source. “Of course, these machines can never truly exist,” he said with a chuckle, “for they would violate my very nature. But that has never stopped countless humans from trying to defy the laws of physics!”

Dolly countered with a story of her own: the tale of the “Money Tree.” “There’s a saying among humans that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees,’ but that hasn’t stopped people from searching for this mythical plant. Some even believe that if they could find it, they would become fabulously wealthy overnight. Little do they know that the true source of money creation is the BEP with the Federal Reserve, which is far less enchanting than a magical tree!”

The two friends laughed together, their contrasting realms providing a never-ending source of entertainment.

Afternoon rolls on

As the afternoon wore on, Enrico and Dolly started to ponder the deeper implications of their respective existences. Enrico mused, “It’s fascinating to think that while energy cannot be created or destroyed, it has the potential to cause both wondrous and devastating events. From the birth of stars to the power of a hurricane, energy is a force to be reckoned with.”

Dolly nodded thoughtfully. “Indeed, and the US Dollar is not so different. It may not be bound by the same rules as energy, as it too can be a force for good or ill. It can enable trade, growth, and prosperity, but it can also be a catalyst for greed, inequality, and suffering.”

As the sun began to set on the Cosmic Café, Enrico and Dolly realized that despite their many differences, they shared a common purpose: to maintain balance and harmony in their respective realms.

Enrico, the guardian of energy, ensured that the universe’s eternal dance continued without interruption, while Dolly, the steward of the US Dollar, worked tirelessly to maintain the delicate balance of her creation.

In the end, they knew that their worlds were interconnected and that the actions of one could reverberate through the other in ways both predictable and unforeseen. But as long as they continued their weekly chats at the Cosmic Café, they could learn from each other, adapt, and strive for harmony in the grand tapestry of existence.

And so, Enrico and Dolly became symbols of the intricate balance that governs the universe, their unlikely friendship a testament to the interconnectedness of all things. In the land of Entropia, energy and the US Dollar continued their cosmic dance, eternally bound together in a delicate, ever-shifting equilibrium.

With every laugh, every story, and every cup of celestial cappuccino, they reminded one another of the beauty and complexity of the universe they inhabited and the responsibility they shared to protect and preserve it.

Enrico and Dolly are two unlikely friends who found common ground in the strangest of places: a land where energy could not be created or destroyed, and where the US Dollar held an ethereal power that changes the course of history.

Chapter 2 – A New Arrival, Bitly Coinwright

Enrico, the embodiment of the first law of thermodynamics, and Dolly, the personification of the US Dollar, were seated at their favorite table in the Cosmic Character Café. Their celestial cappuccinos steamed as they delved into a lively conversation, discussing the peculiarities and complexities of atoms and specific shades of green ink.

Suddenly, the door to the café swung open, revealing a dazzling figure with a digital aura that seemed to shimmer with every step. The young newcomer, an enigmatic being with a glint of cryptographic charm, was none other than Bitly Coinwright. His entrance piqued the curiosity of everyone in the café, including Enrico and Dolly, who couldn’t help but notice the intrigue that surrounded him.

Bitly approached the counter with a confident stride and ordered hot tea with half a honey packet and a slice of lemon. As he placed his order, he pulled out a unique digital wallet, which emitted a soft glow of blockchain brilliance. Bitly offered the barista a tiny fraction of a Bitcoin as a tip, for the promise of faster service. The celestial clientele whispered amongst themselves, fascinated by the incentive-based transaction that had just been proposed.

The barista, delighted by the prospect of earning a digital reward, hastened to prepare Bitly’s tea with utmost care. In no time, the steaming cup was handed over to Bitly, who nodded his appreciation and took a seat near Enrico and Dolly.

As Bitly sipped his tea, Enrico and Dolly exchanged glances, both sensing that a new and exciting chapter was about to unfold in their cosmic conversations. They were eager to learn more about this digital enigma and to discover the story behind the dazzling world of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Little did they know that the arrival of Bitly Coinwright would forever change the course of their celestial musings, opening uncharted territories and possibilities that even they could not have imagined.

Will Bitly and his new mathematical currency consume Enricos energy to a tipping point?

Will Dolly feel threatened by Bitly disrupting the delicate balance she strives to maintain?

These and other paradoxes to be explored in the next visit to “The Cosmic Character Café”


The word “Entropia” used in the story is a creative variation of the term “entropy.” Entropy is a concept in thermodynamics and is commonly used in the context of the second law of thermodynamics. It refers to the measure of disorder or randomness in a system. The higher the entropy, the more disordered or chaotic the system is. In the story, the name “Entropia” was chosen to reflect a fictional world where energy and economics, in the form of Enrico and Dolly, interact with each other, suggesting a complex and ever-changing landscape.

The name “Enrico” was chosen for the thermodynamics representation as a subtle tribute to Enrico Fermi, an Italian physicist who made significant contributions to the field of nuclear physics and quantum theory. Fermi was known for his work on the development of the first nuclear reactor and for his contributions to the development of quantum theory, nuclear and particle physics, and statistical mechanics. The story pays homage to this influential physicist, whose work is related to the underlying principles of thermodynamics. His full name is Enrico Tesla Voltson

“Dolly” is a playful and creative variation of the word “Dollar” making it personable and playful. A name like Dolly is an engaging character that could represent the complex world of economics and money. Her full name is Dolly Bullion Goldsworth



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