The Dichotomy of Founders: Play-by-Play Announcers vs. Color Commentators

In my work with startups, I’ve observed some unique leadership styles of founders that shape their company’s culture and trajectory. Through my experiences with founders and early-stage CEOs, one distinct division I’ve observed is two types of leaders: play-by-play announcers and color commentators. Each type brings its own strengths and challenges, impacting the way their ventures grow and evolve.

Play-by-Play Announcers: The Focused Executors

Play-by-play (PBP) announcers are the epitome of precision and focus. These founders concentrate on the immediate tasks at hand, delivering clear and concise instructions that drive their teams toward specific objectives. They excel in maintaining a laser-like focus on the current play or business objectives, ensuring that every action contributes directly to the company’s goals. I’ve compared these founders to batters who are always focused on getting on base and incrementally succeeding one base at a time.

A distinction of PBP founders is their ability to communicate without embellishment. They avoid superfluous information, staying strictly on topic. This clarity helps prevent misunderstandings and keeps the team aligned with the strategic vision. When necessary, PBP founders can zoom out to illustrate how the current efforts fit into the broader strategic picture, but they do so succinctly and effectively in a way that is relevant to the conversation.

However, PBP founders can sometimes come across as driving people too hard, seemingly disregarding personal commitments or well-being. Their relentless focus on objectives can lead to criticism for not caring about people or not engaging in “feel-good” conversations or projects. While this approach can drive the company faster to results, enabling both the organization and its employees, it often requires a right-hand person or co-founder to balance out the PBP founder by addressing team morale and interpersonal concerns.

Color Commentators: The Visionary Storytellers

On the other hand, color commentators bring a different flavor to leadership. These founders are idea people, brimming with creativity and enthusiasm. They often take a broader, more expansive view of their company’s mission, weaving narratives that connect various initiatives that may or may not pertain to the current goals and discussion. While their vision can be inspiring, it sometimes leads to a scattered approach.

Color commentators tend to elaborate extensively on how they feel about situations, using emotive language and often expletives to convey their passion. They might discuss how a particular decision impacts multiple facets of the business, often referencing past experiences, potential future benefits, and various interconnected projects. This can be both a strength and a weakness though the time-consuming aspect can frustrate many.

For instance, color commentators tend to lack precision and focus, instead concentrating on storytelling, relationships, and future possibilities. I’ve also compared these types to batters that always swing for a home run and end up striking out much of the time. This can lead to a lack of execution and goal accomplishment which leads to disillusionment. While storytelling is vital, without action, it risks becoming a broken record that loses its audience over time. Like PBP founders, color commentators need a right-hand person to create an action plan, manage it and help the color commentator stay focused when necessary.

Balancing the Two Styles

Understanding these two distinct styles is crucial for any team working with founders. While PBP founders drive efficiency and clarity, color commentators inspire and connect on a deeper emotional level. Ideally, a balanced approach that incorporates the strengths of both styles can lead to the most successful outcomes.

Teams led by PBP founders should appreciate the focus and directness that helps them achieve their objectives swiftly. However, they should also encourage their leaders to occasionally embrace broader discussions to ensure alignment with long-term goals and team morale.

Conversely, teams led by color commentators should harness the visionary insights and emotional engagement to drive innovation and cohesion. Yet, they should also help their leaders maintain focus on specific tasks to ensure tangible progress.

Both Types can be Successful

Both play-by-play announcers and color commentators bring valuable perspectives to the table. By recognizing and leveraging these different leadership styles, startups can navigate the challenges of growth with both precision and inspiration, paving the way for sustained success.


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