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I’ve been involved in both the land-based and online gaming business for about 20 years. Being a gambler and enjoying working in the hospitality business, I’ve never considered it work. The people I’ve met and worked with around the world are as good of people in any industry. Like sports, gambling can bring out a competitive spirit that makes one want to do their best work with a great customer experience being the outcome.

In one of my previous business projects, I spent considerable time putting together a list of the casinos in the USA with some details about each one. This list was last updated in 2020 and has some outdated info though it is still interesting and useful information.

I’ll be updating it adding new developments with the online iGaming and Sports betting aspects in the next few months. Hope you enjoy both the information in spreadsheet form and the google map showing the information. If interested in more details, please leave a comment or contact me at mmunger@markmunger.com

Spreadsheet data: Casino List

Google Map of Casinos: Casino Map USA