Internet of My Everything

For the record… most people don’t care how many things we stick on the internet. If they don’t provide personal or business value, directly or indirectly, it remains just a futile effort in amassing useless connectivity and data. Or so it seems.

For me, it must be of value directly, (i.e. show me the current and trending temperature outside) or indirectly (i.e. the temperature is rising due to the sun shining on my side of the house so close or open the blinds as I’ve previous preferred). These have real-time, direct impact based on relevant data. Relevant being a key word here.

Another key word above is value. As a kid, I valued my bunk bed. Oh the years of climbing on the top bunk. Today, my king bed is what I value. This morning, I valued information on the traffic in route to an appointment. As I sit and write this now, I value internet traffic that allows me to work from home. Value becomes another key word as it changes with situational reference.

Let’s take that to the next step which is business value. Here value is a process. I receive value from an end product like my cup of Starbucks coffee. The Internet of Things has a lot of sensors and monitors to ensure that my up of Java tastes close to the same in San Diego as it does in Nassau or London. I value those sensors yet they are not likely to make my list of the Internet of My Everything.

Everyone of us has our own world.  One of my favorite music groups 3 Doors Down, has a song My World with the lines:

And your trapped inside this world you made yourself
But that’s not the world I live in
This is not the life for me
Cause my world is bigger than your problems
And it’s bigger than me

Many of the companies I work with are trapped inside worlds they made themselves. For good and bad, for better and worse. And breaking out is sometimes a monumental task.



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