Starbucks Application and Web Referals

Seamless Native App to Web Site integration needed!

Have you downloaded the latest IOS Starbucks Application? In many ways it feels cleaner with the tile format and more items and information added. The ability to subsidize the pay of the employees (i.e. Tipping) is an interesting add as well.

When reading through the screens of information like the benefits of my Gold Card, the attainment of drinking way too many coffee drinks and having way to many on the run lunches here, I notice several references to the Starbucks web site for more information. First impression is Im in a Starbucks App connected to the internet. Can’t you just show me that page rather than list it’s URL for me to go to?

When I click on the URLs, they open Safari on my iPhone and take me to the Starbucks web site where I am asked for my login credentials.  Well those are the same ones I was using in the APP that launched the web site. Can’t the Starbucks APP vouch for my credentials?  I seem to be a stranger meeting an old friend with a forgetful memory of who I am. So why have an app I am starting to ask? It’s an unfair question given the amount of functions the app performs but still worth asking.

iPhone Starbucks Application
iPhone Starbucks Application

What I begin to understand is that the Starbucks Application is primarily for summary information access. Should you want real details you still need to go to the web site.

Though I understand this information, there are better ways for a company I spend WAY TO MUCH MONEY with and consider to be a excellent technology driven enterprise to treat their app using customers. But then again, I’ve got time.  The Application can open safari, I’ll log in with my credentials after I look them up because I haven;t used them since reloading the application and read all about using my card while I sit quietly drinking my Caramel Macchiato using the free starbucks Wifi. Luckily the Wifi doesn’t want me to authenticate and validate my existence to use it.


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