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I get asked at least once a week what applications I use on my iPad and Computer to make me functional. I had an email I would send to people but have decided since I need to get my Blog entries back up, this would be a good place to point them to.

Here are my applications…

Evernote: I refer to this as my primary application sometimes. I use it daily to as their tag line says “Remember Everything.” This application takes input from web, camera, email and a variety of other ways, does an OCR for text and indexes it all. It’s fuzzy logic search, tagging, reminders make it one app I wouldn’t function well without. If you register through this link, you can earn yourself a one month premium subscription trial and help extend my subscription by a month! EVERNOTE REGISTER

PDF Expert: My favorite application for editing, drawing and commenting on PDF files on my iPad.

Quickoffice Pro HD: My favorite application for editing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents on the iPad.

GoodReader: Between Quickoffice and PDF Expert, this may be duplicate of some tasks but I have found several times that PDF and office documents are viewed better with formatting in GoodReader. If I have time one day, I’ll work on a comparison chart.

Pages, Numbers Keynote. These are Apples alternative to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If you are going all Apple then you may consider changing to these. But then you need to learn how to save as Microsoft format to exchange documents with other people that use those. May be better to stay Microsoft Word and Excel even if you are all mac.

DropBox: I use dropbox to sync and have access to files between my PC, iPad, iPhone and from the web on computers when I don’t have mine. Also many of the applications I mention here can access the Cloud based storage directly.

TurboViewer: DWG and CAD file viewer. This is faster and better than the official app from AutoCAD below.

AutoCAD 360: AutoCAD viewer for CAD files. Need to get a free account to use. This is the “Official” AutoCAD viewer and sometimes displays files better than TurboViewer but TurboViewer has been more consistent in displaying better and faster.

VSD Viewer: This is for Microsoft Visio. I’m not sure you need to view Visio files. We do a lot of our one lines in Microsoft Visio but publish them in PDF format.

Skitch: An editor to put documents/images/pictures directly into an Evernote folder.

Talkboard: A whiteboard application used to collaborate with other people on a drawing.

Magic Plan: A neat application that I use to take a camera picture of a room and it draws the room for me. Not 100% in its abilities but it has helped me several times save a few hours of work.

WolframAlpha: An encyclopedia style application that provides answers to lots of measurement and statistical questions.

Basecamp and Wrike: These are two project management applications I use for getting non-computer people involved with my projects. Basecamp is simple and has made the difference in several projects but lacks some real defined PM features. Wrike is still fairly simple but operates like a more formal project management application.

Audible: This is my book listening application. I only list it because I do use this several hours a week to listen to business books and information. Including wall street journal. It by far is the application I spend the most amount of time in.

Mark Munger

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