One of those days – Email gone Awry

Today was definitely one of them. When playing with a Bulk Mail merge tool for a subset of my contacts, the tool went awry and started emailing my entire address book! They all received the great email message of Test, Test Test. The program took over my computer and after about 4000 emails, I was able to kill outlook from memory.

So while I doubt I will ever live this one down, there is a bright side.

  1. I am hearing from people I have not heard from in ages
  2. Auto-respondents from people leaving companies sometimes stay on for years
  3. At least 20 to 30 percent of my email addresses are no longer active

So besides responding to the off the wall responses people are sending back. Some may get posted here. At least the publishable ones. I will now be able to clean up many contacts and email addresses in my contact list. Oh Happy Holidays.


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