I’ve been using PureBioGuard products for a few years and recently did a partnership with the founder to help promote them in industry. It’s been well received by most anyone I present it to.

PureBioGuard, or PBG as we have called it, is a set of products.

The first is a Hand Sanitizer that when I talk to people about it always reminds me of the beer commercial, taste great – less filling. PBG is alcohol free and long lasting while also being non-toxic and better for the environment than the alcohol based products.

It goes on with a fine mist feeling soothing with a hint of the aloe contained in the product. There is no dryness that is caused by the alcohol based product. That would be enough by itself except that it also continues protecting and killing germs for over 12 hours.

The surface disinfectant is also non-toxic and protects against germs for over 2 weeks (24 days) with some lab tests showing it lasting much longer. It is a hospital grade product worthy of use anywhere we live, work, play, or learn.

There is more information at pbgprotects.com with brochures, pictures and the ability to buy the product there. Please check it out and let me know what you think!