Smart Interactions

Smart Phones have become an industry upon themselves. Even I sometimes wonder what I would do if I couldn’t play chess or wordwarp on my iPhone. But do applications really make a phone smart?

If there is an APP for That then there also needs to be an application for that App. And to be truely smart that application should involve interactions with other applications, data or devices.

A device isn’t truely smart unless it has something to be smart with. Knowledge isn’t power unless it’s shared and applied. In a connected, smart world this is even more the case.

Smart phones and Smart Devices in general need to interact, share data and as a group, create better information and environments. I’ve worked for several years on bringing networks that were once individual silos of information together. But only in the past few years has the integration of the devices on those converged networks begun to interact natively. Here is where the power of smart devices really pays off. When they talk together and no longer require a master router/gateway/controller to interpret and be a point of contention and failure. It is when we have a true collective of individual components that we really achive a smart world.

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