Gigatons are the new millions (A climate change post)

When I first read about a gigaton of carbon pollution, I imagined that was an enormous amount. Then reading further that really the human race output multiple gigatons every single year into the atmosphere.

It reminded me of the way I used to think of millions. Growing up, millionaires were the ultra rich, and selling a million of anything seemed far out of reach. Now both of these seem like they are achieved by people monthly.

As the NOAA gov site put a measurement from 2010 fossil fuel emission at 9 gigatons, then went on to compare “

How much is 9 Giga-ton? 9 billion tons or 9,000,000,000,000,000 grams, or 19,800,000,000,000 pounds.

Can you imagine‚Ķ9 Giga-tons is the weight of about 132 billion people. The amount of carbon we are putting into the atmosphere each year is equal to 20 times the weight of the current world population.”

Reading John Doerr’s book, “Speed and Scale” is an eye-opening discovery of just how much we impact this world we live in every day. And how far we need to go to fix our mess.

On his website,, he outlines just what must be done to achieve the results which must be achieved.

  • Cutting in half by 2030 and getting to a net-zero effect by 2050.

I may have said this was a fool’s errand if it 1) wasn’t so critical to our future generations and 2) if I didn’t know the amount of work and money going into businesses that will not only help us achieve this but will also create whole new industries that will lead us into a new, carbon neutral economy!

Check out John Doerr’s book, Speed and Scale, along with the website, and get involved. Looking at my new projects, this will be part of what I am looking at in the future.


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