Verizon iPhone – I can hear you now!

I received my Verizon iPhone today. I’ve had mobile phone service since 1985 through Pac Bell, AirTouch and all the other iterations up to Verizon Wireless. But when the iPhone came out, I got an AT&T account as well and have used it as my primary phone for a few years. So will I switch back?

First glance:

Data & Speed: I’ve decided that if I really need to be on the phone and use the data connection at the same time, I am rarely not within a WiFi zone. So that doesn’t bother me. Running speed tests from a few locations in the Las Vegas area this morning I found that AT&T does have some slightly fast data speeds but at best it’s 2368kbps vs 2011kbps.  I can live with that.

Converting / Restore: I restored the backup of my AT&T iPhone and it notified me one app, PageOnce, had an invalid signature. Another app, PocketScan, failed to restore for some misc reason.  I also noticed my song count is off by about 20 songs out of about 2000. Not sure where they went but I’ll look into it. Other than that, the restore appeared to be a great success. If anyone is interested, my critical apps are Toodledo, Evernote, and Trillian. Other apps of personal value are Pandora, Tweetdeck, Facebook and Mashable.

Phone Calls: Vegas has good AT&T coverage except when big conventions come to town or in some of the casinos. I’ll test this out further as I go. But I look forward to my drive to California tomorrow to watch my AT&T signal go away and still have a few bars on my Verizon iPhone!

Tethering: I tested using the phone as a WiFi hotspot and it worked well. .8Mb/s down and .4Mb/s up. I can live with that was well. I’ll test it against the MiFi in a few days.

Should I have waited for the iPhone 5? Well since I pass my technology down to other family members, I’m sure nobody minds another iPhone 4 in the mix. I’ll likely still upgrade in June just like I always have.

Otherwise than above, it really is an apples to apples conversion. 🙂


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