what i’m playing with in 2022

2022 will hopefully be a year we emerge and just start working within what life has dealt us the past few years. The past few years I’ve read and learned quite a bit. And continue to “play” with some new ideas and technologies that I think will lead market transitions in the years to come. All that pending on no global incident that could disrupt the world again.

My friends know that I have followed a blockchain & crypto currency for a few years. It’s not Bitcoin or Ethereum, though I do own some of each.

The Cardano blockchain with it’s currency ADA has been a focus since I read the early white papers on it a few years ago. I thought the evolution of Cardano was the right way to build a chain. And with it’s later interations, it has not disappointed. This is where I have placed several of my longer term Crypto investments.

The recent NFT developments have brought me back in to ETH and some other chains that have value because of their NFTs and other tokens being created on those chains. I am not an art person though I do see lot’s of value in what an NFT can represent in memberships and proving ownership.

My other 2022 time is being spent with a sanitizer product which I’ll describe later, waiting to see if any of the government projects I’ve assisted with take off this year, and determining what the next market transitioning event I will be part of.

There is plenty of transformation needed in the financial, health care, and education systems. Global warming and the business it can generate to address and resolve is a big one. And many others. There is certainly no lack of area to invest ones time in.

Where are you investing your time in 2022?


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