Would You Rather (A GDPR comment)

My daughter loved to play a game called “Would you rather”. Like would you rather live in the forest or on a beach? A truly hard question. But it would have to be beach. Or would you rather be a wizard or a superhero? Dr. Strange all the way on this one.

Which leads me to a more modern question. Would you rather be bombarded by hundreds of emails notifying you that some privacy term has changed or just have it changed and not be notified? I can’t help but think of the question if a tree fell in the forest. I think I’d rather not know it fell.

These emails would be acceptable if they provided a one click option allowing me to either approve my information being stored or one that allowed me to be forgotten and my information on that site deleted. Of course the marketing people cringe at the latter and the IT people have been agonizing over implementation of both.

And now the USA is starting to review GDPR. Will it create one similar or one different enough as so cause the tsunami of emails to run amok all over again. I will wait with patience hoping that by that time I have cleared my email of all the current changes in privacy terms.


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